Who Are We?

SAGA Virtual Airlines, has been founded on 4th of February 2010 with the official permission of SAGA Airlines, and started opertions on 26th February 2010 according to IVAO’s approval. SAGA Virtual Airlines is the 16th virtaul airliner company of IVAO-TR. SAGA VA is one of the 5 airliner company in IVAO-TR division at the moment, and the first flight has been made by SGX callsign on 1st of February 2010.

During online operations, SAGA VA is keeping the flight records with the use of its own "Saga Virtual Airlines Flight Data Recorder".

As SAGA Virtual Airlines family, we would like to thank SAGA Airlines and the General Manager Mr. Ali Birhan TEMEL for their support and precious contributions.

Our Mission

Is to simulate the real operations of SAGA Airlines on the computer base with a completely free of charge virtual media.

SAGA Virtual Airlines is performing it’s flights on IVAO platform with supportive software of FSairlines. The Base/Hub of SAGA Virtual Airlines is Istanbul – Atatürk International Airport. We are using almost every airports of Turkey for domestic flights and our international departures are from Istanbul and Antalya.

As SAGA Virtual Airlines, we will continue our operations to make the best and the most rational for developing aviation business.

As SAGA Virtual Airlines, we aim to meet aviation lovers in the same platform, to help people who are bonded to Aviation as a hobby and to encourage them to see their dreams come true as a family.