Application Form

First of all, we would like to thank you to choose SAGA Virtual Airlines and becoming a member our family.

If these conditions are satisfied;

  • If you are above 22,
  • If you are a member of IVAO,
  • If you think that you are responsible and respectful to your enviroment,
  • If you accept an initial interview with our executive officers,
  • If you can rely on the team work,
  • And if you read the terms and conditions of the company,
  • There has to be at least 100 hours flight in IVAO.
  • It is necessary to perfom minimum 10 hours flight per month.

SAGA Virtual Airlines would like to fly with you. Please fill the application form completely to apply our company.

Name Surname
Date of Birth
Mobile Phone
References (optional)
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I have filled the application form correctly and completely. I want to fly with SAGA Virtual Airlines.


Every member who filled the application forms to be a pilot, accepts the terms and regulations written below.

If You accept the terms and regulations, you can send the application form.

You have to be respectful and responsible at all times during your pilot career iin SAGA Virtual Airlines.

  • Pilots should be careful and aware of their acctions to NOT to harm SAGA Airlines in real operations.
  • A pilot should complete 8 hours of flight in a month.
  • For the pilots who has never flown for 60 days in a row without an excuse, their membership will be suspended.
  • Pilots declare that they are aware of IVAO’s and IVAO-TR’s terms and regulations.
  • All pilots without the PP rank, should add the letter of T at the end of their call sign. For example: “SGX001T”
  • In the case of a pilot did NOT want to take an exam and did NOT want to fly with the “T” addition, it can be cancelled by the authorization of IVAO-TR with the airliner company. But the pilot should be successful with the lowest level of an exam which is prepared by his/her airliner company.
  • If a pilot wants to cancel the “T” addition, SAGA Virtual Airlines applies the lowest level of an exam on him/her. If his/her condition is satisfactory, then SAGA VA cancels the “T” addition. You can send an application for the exam here to this adress:
  • Pilots continue using the “T” addition, in the case of their trainings are not sufficient. The decision is being made by the executive board of SAGA Virtaul Airlines.
  • If necessary, the “T” addition can be given to the pilots again from IVAO-TR.